more research

The Phasing Machine

working with Ototo in colaboration with Marc Dubois and Horasse.
This machine is a reinterpretation of "The Clapping Music" by Steve Reich. The both gears have the same rhythmic pattern, but the first one misses 3 teeth, creating a delay on the second one. Each gears contains 4 measures and after 12 rotations, the delay disappears, and the music restart.

Sound Sculpture

Using fans from an old PC, we created this instrument that makes mechanical sounds. It is a tribute to the good old tower PC, that has become rare these days. We wanted to create a more positive experience from the sounds he made when he wanteds busy.

Created together with Martin Hertig during a one-week workshop with Yuri Suzuki. In the video you can see our sculpture together with the other results from the workshop.